Autumn 2018 – Winter 2019


Ike West’s

                    UK Book Launch & Europe Tour



                       Ike’s Latest Book

                                           Another Giant World

Here’s the magical realist tale of a giant’s broken horn and the lone boy who rides with the giant among the sky rainbows and far above the sandstone rainbows of earth below. A Hopi grandmother helps the boy unravel the mysteries of Arizona’s Painted Desert where the giant shows himself—but only to a child prepared enough to see it. These great beings are known by the Pueblo people as Katsina or Kachina. The elderly woman in the story makes clear that ‘Ka’ translates into English as ‘respect’ and ‘tsina’ means ‘spirit’. The whole word Katsina reminds the lone boy—and the reader—that respecting spirit is part of life’s work. Especially when GIANT, seismic upheaval turns the everyday world upside down. This is a loving portrait featuring the fantastic and the tenderly real. One to be enjoyed by story lovers of all ages.


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Misterton, Nottinghamshire – Date, time and location to be announced


Lincolnshire – Date, time and location to be announced


Other Ike West Appearances – Dates, times and locations to be announced



Euro-Weekends with Ike West

           A Ceremonial Welcome to the Spirit of 2019

Course Locations and Schedule and Descriptions

            Vienna Austria – Institute Hara Magdalenenstrasse 4 1060 Wien


Saturday          1 December 2018          ore 14.00 – 20.00

Sunday            2 December 2018          ore 14.00 – 20.00

            Ticino Switzerland – Centro Annapurna – Tenero


Saturday          8 December 2018          ore 14.00 – 20.00

Sunday            9 December 2018          ore 14.00 – 20.00


Course Descriptions for All Locations

Saturday’s Gathering

14.00-15.00 hour*       Sign In & Overview of Events

Because many of ike’s students return to the Circle on each of her visits, year after year, time is taken at the beginning for what is referred to as a “meet and greet” session. Additionally there are often last minute registrations and traffic problems to consider. As a gentle group, we do not wish to start without people, so both new and returning people are asked to be patient and flexible. It is most appreciated.

15.00-17.00 hour*       Astrological ‘Weather Forecast’ for 2019

Sometimes we should be doing everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning. But once in a while, universal forces come together and flood our planet with chances to prosper in unimaginable ways—bringing health, happiness and well-being. Often people are unaware of the subtle shifts in astrological winds and end up doing laundry at a time when they could be successful at launching a fresh career. Or winning over a new sweetheart. Worse, they could be trying for that job and/or love life when the universe doesn’t support it—maybe even blocks positive changes entirely. Attend this circle and gain a solid astrological map of 2019. Then, there’s no need to wander aimlessly through the year and miss the best opportunities to evolve and grow.

17.30-20.00 hour*       Ceremony to Cleanse & Balance

From a participant’s perspective, ceremonies appear to be the simple repetition of rituals such as chanting or prayer. However, true ceremonies involve working in the light, astral dimensions with spirit. Ceremonies require much preparation as well as maintaining post-ceremonial connections to ancestors, guides, and other enlightened souls working in Earth’s astral realms. Considered sacred by native people worldwide, ceremonial circles move us beyond the power of individual participants to tap into an essence much greater. Join Ike as she guides people through a time-honored tradition so we might attain a state of consciousness that is available in no other way.


Sunday’s Gathering

14.00-15.00 hour*       Sign In & Review of Events

Again, because some students return to the Circle year after year, time is taken at the beginning for another “meet and greet” time. This allows last minute registration and latecomers to arrive. As a gentle group, we ask both new and returning people to be patient and flexible. It is most appreciated.

15.00-17.00 hour*       Astrological ‘Weather Forecast’- Looking BEYOND 2019

Some astrological patterns are far-reaching and do not fit neatly into a year, whether westerner’s solar annum or the Chinese and Native American lunar time period. Yet the cosmic seasons of planetary and stellar activity are as important an influence in our lives as those unfolding strictly within the twelve months of 2019. Among ancient Americans such expanded vision is often referred to as the ‘Eagle’s Eye View” and the far-sightedness is revered. According to tribal people, the Eagle sees farther than any other creature and with that vision holds the deepest—what we’d consider beyond intuitive into mystical—understanding of influences both current and upcoming. Come hear about the bigger picture, the longer, overriding forecasts, and the potential we share to ride the universal winds that serve most positively.

17.30-19.00 hour*       Ceremony to Heal ‘All Our Relations’

As humans we tend to consider ourselves the most important species on Earth. This notion keeps us from recognizing the potential to relate to the spirit in plants, animals and stones. To fully understand ourselves we must appreciate the entire earth family. Come discover in the light, subconscious links between us and other species. When these relationships are valued more fully, nature becomes ours in new ways. Join the ceremonial circle to open your awareness and work in the light with ‘totem’ healers and protectors active on Earth at this time.

19.00-20.00 hour*       The Talking Circle

An ancient ceremony in its own right, the Talking Circle gives participants an opportunity to share information about their origins, ancestral roots and impressions of our gathering(s). It’s a traditional way to pull together and express gratitude for any gifts we’ve shared and received during the time we’ve been together.

*All times are approximate



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