Announcing ike’s 2018 Book Release

by Eileen “ike” West




Fiction for Young Readers –

And Old Souls on the Search

for ‘Big Picture’ (think GIANT!) Truths


Another Giant World touches the heart while exploring:

  • cross cultural relations
  • grandmotherly wisdom
  • American native/tribal perspectives
  • earth-based spiritual interaction on the high desert
  • early adolescent development and childhood ‘coming of age’
  • sibling and family dynamics

Excerpt from Book’s Acknowledgements Section

“I spend many hours in the small world of my office at home in the Texas hill country. I call the small room a world because the walls and ceiling are splashed with posters, news clippings, magazine articles and postcards. One card is very special to me. It sits at eye level whenever I’m at my desk. On it is a photograph of a potbellied Kachina molded of clay. He has a broken horn on one side of his head and a needle and thread in his hands, seemingly ready to mend it. Neither the sculptor nor photographer’s names are anywhere printed on the card. After years of being in the dark about the injured Kachina and his origins, I began spinning my own web of possibilities, and the tales I imagined grew into this book. Long ago I learned from the Grandmothers that when an artist makes a beautiful thing, she also births a spirit that – through the art – can experience life on earth. In that way artists are powerful conjurers. And what is made in the creative process holds power and magic too. So, without dithering, I wish to thank the Kachina on my post card for sharing his spirited story.”

———-ike West, Another Giant World

The Book’s Back Cover – An Overview of the Story

When Sullivan Walker’s parents moved their family from a cosmopolitan

Minnesota city to a small village in the Arizona desert,

Sully decided life couldn’t get any worse.

Added to that, his little sister Beth was the most annoying person on earth

and her new friend, an old tribal Grandmother, was weird.

He didn’t want anything to do with either of them.

 There were no other kids to play with, so as he had no friends,

he opted to spend the summer exploring the desert instead.

And this is when Sully’s adventures began.

His feeling of being followed in the desert was right and

eventually he encountered a being beyond his wildest imagination.

But what he encountered needed something from him…

and only the tribal Grandmother could guide him to find out what it was.

Could he bring himself to approach her?

Would she even help him?

Sully was about to find out.


The Publisher’s Secret to Promoting Another Giant World

“Basically, Amazon does not promote books, but does respond to interest; the more interest readers show, the more Amazon promotes a book. Initial interest is always prompted by the author through family, friends, colleagues and contacts. So, if you copy the URL link from your Amazon book page and send it out in an email to family, friends and contacts, and if they buy in quick succession, your book shoots up the rankings. If we achieve an Amazon Best Seller ranking, then we can use it to make our marketing take off with other retailers.”

———-Jane Moffett, JJ Moffs Publishing


Amazon Information for Ordering ike’s New Book

A great gift idea, Another Giant World belongs in the book collection of children, teachers, classrooms, public and school libraries – and your shelf at home. Should you order a book(s), please email requesting a personalized book mark(s). The book mark(s) will be printed with the cover art on the front side. As author, ike will write an individualized autograph the back. Be sure to include in the email the correctly spelled name of the person or organization receiving the book, and the mailing address where the autographed book mark is to be sent. The signed book mark can be kept in the book and will be the next best thing to an autographed copy.

From anywhere in the world, go to your country’s Amazon

and type into the search engine Another Giant World by Eileen “ike” West. 

And please share this email with anyone who might have an interest

in literature with GIANT appeal!

Thank you!




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