Ike’s 2018 European Seminars


for Advanced and New Students


Spring  2018  Course Schedule and Descriptions


Welcome 2018 – the Year of the Brown Earth Dog

In Chinese astrology 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog.  Come participate in the Circles; be among the first to gain new insights, and take full advantage of the opportunities presented by this beneficent Totem, active from 19 February 2018 through 4 February 2019.


2018 Spring Course Locations

Lugano, Switzerland – Centro To Be Announced

Offerings for Beginners (Great ‘Refresher’ Classes for Advanced Students Too!)

Friday 23 March 2018              ore 20.00 – 22.00

Saturday 24 March 2018          ore 14.00 – 21.00

Sunday 25 March 2018             ore 14.00 – 21.00


Seminars for Advanced Students

Friday 20 April 2018                 ore 20.00 – 22.00

Saturday 21 April 2018             ore 14.00 – 21.00

Sunday 22 April 2018               ore 14.00 – 21.00



Milano, Italia – TENTATIVE – Centro To Be Announced

Offerings for Beginners (Great ‘Refresher’ Classes for Advanced Students Too!)

Friday 4 May 2018              ore 20.00 – 22.00

Saturday 5 May 2018          ore 14.00 – 21.00

Sunday 6 May 2018             ore 14.00 – 21.00


2018 Course Descriptions


23 – 25 March 2018 – Lugano, Switzerland 

Friday Ceremonial Evening – Restoring Soul Health through Ritual

A great opportunity to introduce the ‘young’ to the importance of ceremony and rituals, this evening includes a short introduction to the connections between the Spirit realm and people gathered in the circle. Here we learn about practices and “ingredients” common to ceremonies, and begin to see ceremonial leaders as special people who might ‘travel’ to the world of spirit and/or receive communications from that world. Sometimes such abilities come easily, but others must work and sacrifice for such connections. Either way, all people of vision participate in ceremony to experience the fulfillment of their gifts. This evening we learn how ceremonies turn people away from material concerns and towards enlightenment. During this gathering, people are guided through a set of rituals so they might attain a state of consciousness that is often available in no other way. The ceremony uses guided imagery to help instill the virtues required to deepen relationships to Earth, Nature, Ancestors and other Spirits from the Great Beyond.


Saturday Seminar – The Sacred Circle at Our Cosmic Roots

Everywhere in the universe is a pattern of invisible light that gives coherency to chaos. From earliest times, people have recognized this cosmic circle as a wheel or web of ‘medicine’ and power. Like a spider’s web, this ethereal circle surrounds Earth and is often seen or felt by people who become sensitive to it through ritual and ceremony. Learn about the natural web of power that surrounds you and impacts your life. By working with the cosmic circle, you place yourself in harmony with the most basic sacred geometric patterns of the Universe and Earth. With practice, you begin to recognize and support cyclic changes in your personal life. You become balanced, centered and whole. As changes in the world around us accelerate, we can little afford to ignore a paradigm from which to look and experience a soothing sense of personal well-being.


Sunday Seminar – Ancient Wisdom – New Age Thought

The New Age was recognized long ago by ancient cultures. The post-industrial world is influenced by an ageless universal plan that fascinates when revealed. Expand your understanding of history, contemporary issues and the future. West presents an overview of legendary treasures that reveal evolutionary changes expected in modern times for Earth and all her beings. Learn how this ancient knowledge is as relevant to you as to our ancestors. The class is beneficial to anyone who questions reality as it is presently conceptualized in Western society. Now is the time to unlock our “story” as part of a continuous commitment to evolve.


20 – 22 April 2018 – Lugano, Switzerland – Elder Circle 


Friday Ceremonial Evening – Sharing New Earth Renaissance

Ceremonies take people beyond their own power into other realms. Through Ceremony participants work to heal the spirit body, which in turn impacts the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Participants are helped to relax and then expand awareness of the astral or light body, balancing the energy centers and clearing the auric layers. In this ceremonial Circle, participants are also guided to expand their soul awareness in order to explore the ebb and flow of Earth’s current transformation. This growth is highlighted in such a manner that it may be felt at the deepest levels possible. Each ceremony is an opportunity to build upon skills practiced in other, earlier Circles, but no prior experience is necessary. Everybody is welcome and the benefits are immediate.


Saturday Seminar – Tomorrow’s Spiritual Growth Starts NOW!

The soul is neither spirit nor physical matter, but rather the conscious interaction of the two. At birth, the soul, a mere seed, draws spirit to it. And like a small flame, it builds to become a full-blown fire. The soul is meant to grow and more fully incarnate as the physical body ages. This expanding flame is the spiritually attractive factor in every form—the Earth, families in nature and humanity. And it is the spiritual attraction and growing light across that places us on Earth’s evolutionary path. Unfortunately, a problem results when we fill our minds with material plane concerns that keeps us ‘living below the diaphragm’ and using the three lower chakra to the exclusion of centers in the heart and above. Today’s focus on earth, water, fire and air—the main four manifested energies—stops people from grasping an awareness of Earth’s movement in new directions towards the grander sacred geometric patterns of the Aquarian Age. Come join the Circle as we recycle pre-Piscean knowledge and work above ‘the belt’ or solar plexus so evolutionary trends predicted for the planet can manifest through us. A ceremony is included to help our light bodies expand, burn more brightly and attract in nourishing spirit for the soul.


Sunday Seminar – The Aquarian Rebirth of Women’s Holiness

As spiritual beings, women possess unlimited power to recreate their lives and the world. Currently there is a movement which recognizes Earth’s future rests heavily on the upsurge of feminine principles in human affairs. West shares age-old wisdom about women’s place in the scheme of things so we might discover where our personal and collective awareness is leading us. Discussed are principles and techniques to help us live more consciously as women. West shares practical information about embracing the power of woman as it is transformed especially at the start of menses, and throughout menopause. While these transitions are often fraught with difficulties, they can be also seen as birth onto higher spiritual plateaus. This class introduces the change processes underway and offers ways to take charge, rather than feeling a ‘victim’ of hormonal fluctuations and the body’s physiology. This seminar is designed for woman of all ages. As we greet the new century, it is important to do so as women who recognize our own power—no matter the stage of life we might be facing.



4 – 6 May 2018 – Milano, Italia TENTATIVE


Friday Seminar – Karmic Cleaning

As extensions of ourselves, our environments fill with thoughts, feelings and spiritual impressions. Some originate with us and other energy is imprinted from earlier times but has not been cleared. This is particularly evident when our furnishings, apartments and/or homes have been previously owned. Sometimes, when energy is stuck, we wonder what can be done to improve our living situation. We may not think about spiritual ways to alleviate difficulties in the environment around us, yet possibilities exist to clear psychic debris. Learn strategies and processes to help spiritually repair and create full aliveness in the environments that surround you. Solve the problems encountered with negative people, places and things. Cleanse outlying energy systems and improve the atmosphere at home, on the job or anywhere. All practices are safe, simple and effective.


Saturday Seminar– Aura & Chakra: The 4th Dimensional Body

The human aura includes many layers of light emitted from core energy centers within the body. The aura and chakra make up the light body we use in the fourth dimension of Earth’s ‘astral’ realm. As we breathe air into our lungs we automatically pull energy from the planet’s astral sphere into our aura as well. Computers have now captured the sound, color and motion of the human aura. Invisible to most of us, the aura is vital to incarnating our soul over a lifetime. Research also shows that disease can be detected in the aura before ever manifesting in the physical body. Join this group and learn how the aura and the chakra, like the physical body and organs, grow and change as we age. Discover how impressions that start in the aura are filtered through the mind and then influence behavior, attitudes and emotions. By building awareness of the auric layers, West helps students discover new and significant spiritual dimensions. With laughter and light, class members connect to the beauty of their own auric bodies.


Sunday Seminar – Healing With the Mind

During this course, students establish the internal networks necessary in order to restore and/or preserve balance and vitality. The group explores ways of using the mind to increase physical, emotional and spiritual vigor. Join us and learn basic techniques to clear the light body of debris that may already–or eventually–cause disease. For centuries, people have used the mind and the body’s energy centers to maintain or rebuild health. In this course participants receive an overview of such traditions and are encouraged to integrate them into modern healthcare practices. The seminar presents a healing approach that uses Earth spirit to boost and support students while they work to re-establish a state of wellbeing in themselves and others.

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