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Navigating the Astral II- 18 May, 1-4p

More spirit is available to us in the astral or light dimensions than ever before. In this seminar West offers participants a virtual ride onto the astral plane. Useful insights and alternative perspectives are shared in such a way that students feel encouraged to stretch into new dimensions of overlapping consciousness without fear or anxiety. The ability to perceive a phenomenon from more than one perspective simultaneously is called ‘parallaxic.’ Join West in a fun, yet serious, journey into a parallax of overlapping physical and astral events.

This class is a continuation of the first Navigating the Astral Class. While it is recommended, participation in the first class is not necessary in order to gain from the materials presented in the second class. There are some students who participated in the first class in summer 2013 and are welcome to join the group for this class.

The Incarnational Cycle – 22 June, 1-4p

Our everyday lives are so busy, we often forget that the soul we carry inside us has work to do on Earth. Cultures steeped in antiquity continue to observe and respect the universal spiritual patterns our souls are meant to undertake while inhabiting physical bodies.  Westerners may speak about  karma and re-incarnation, but seldom do we hold any depth of understanding. Thus, it is easy for us to ignore the bigger picture of our souls work in the present lifetime. Join the class and learn the tasks your soul has taken on–across lifetimes.

The Ancient Heart of the Feminine Divine Future I – 20 July, 1-4p

This is the Introduction to the Medicine Wheel/Cosmic Circle class offered online for students who have heard references to the Spirit Wheel/Web but have not received in depth exposure to the spiritual tenets of ancient matriarchal societies native to the Americas.  This is the basis of all teachings ike offers, no matter what other topics or materials are presented. The class is recommended to those who want to perceive the world from a feminine perspective. Also, the online option provides ‘elder’ students with a chance to review ‘the basics’.

The Ancient Heart of the Feminine Divine Future II - 17 August, 1-4p

This is the Ancient Wisdom – New Age Thought class offered online. For 30 years the seminar has been taught together with the Introduction to the Medicine Wheel/Cosmic Web. Both the classes are quintessential in order to understand what is happening in the world today from an ancient perspective lost to Westerners because we annihilated rather than embraced the spiritual wisdom of native cultures world-wide. In this class we discover the deep spiritual–not just political or social–roots of what has the human family facing its modern problems. This class offers students the opportunity to make true and lasting paradigm shifts that will last a lifetime.  The first class is recommended in order to understand fully the ideas presented, but it is not required to benefit from Part II.

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