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 Sunday,  22 February 2015,  2-5p

Navigating the Astral Continues…

The Aquarian Age is upon us, empowering visionaries and mystics in the astral realm. The astral can be defined as a world of light, one without physical mass. Therefore it has its own set of working premises, shrouded in mystery. Whether fairies or unicorns, things in the astral consist of fluid light and are in constant motion. As such the astral world is usually caught from ‘the corner of the eye’ and often seems impenetrable or illusive. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. In this seminar West offers participants a virtual ride onto the astral plane. Useful insights and alternative perspectives are shared in such a way that students feel encouraged to stretch into new dimensions of overlapping consciousness without fear or anxiety.          Fee:  $50

NOTE: This is one in a series of many  classes begun last year. Please contact ike if you are interested in scheduling a different online class in the upcoming months. Thank you.


Events @ ike’s Lake Hills Home                                            For Central Texans

Sunday, 1 March 2015, 1-5p      Maintain Spiritual Environments

Karmic Cleaning

As extensions of ourselves, our environments fill with thoughts, feelings and spiritual impressions. We may not think about ways to image the light, clear psychic debris and alleviate difficulties in the environment around us. Learn safe, simple and effective strategies to spiritually repair and improve the atmosphere at home, on the job or anywhere. Class includes ceremony; please dress to move/sit/lie comfortably on the floor.  Fee:  $55


Saturday, 25 April 2015, Class 3-6 p – Potluck at 6:30p – Ceremonies 8-11p

Medicine Wheel/Cosmic Circle Class – Potluck – Heyoka Moon Ceremonial Evening

Everywhere in the universe is a pattern of invisible energy that makes coherency from chaos. From earliest times, people have recognized the cosmic circle. The invisible circle surrounds each of us on Earth like a spider web that cannot be seen or felt unless a person becomes sensitive to it through ritual and ceremony. Learn about the natural web of power that surrounds you and impacts your life. By working with the cosmic circle, you place yourself in harmony with universal and Earth energy patterns. With practice, you begin to recognize and support cyclic changes in your personal life. You become balanced, centered and whole. As changes in the world around us accelerate, we can little afford to ignore a paradigm from which to look and experience a soothing sense of personal well being.

Class is 3 hours long. Attendees are expected to bring food to share with others for a warm supper. Please dress to move/sit/lie comfortably on the floor and bring additional warm clothes for outdoor comfort. Also, make sure they are old duds so you can get a bit of WASHABLE face paint on it. Also bring sleeping bag and plastic to avoid sitting on damp ground while around the fire.  Fee:  $60


University of Texas Informal Classes                                    For Central Texans


Fees, registration and additional information available at the University of Texas Informal Class website


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Life Enrichment Services                            Ceremonial Healings/Readings

In this six months especially, the foundation of tomorrow’s spiritual life is being set in place during this exact time. During this period, we have a special opportunity to appreciate and preserve our spiritual health. Through her services, Ike encourages holistic well-being as the essence of daily functioning. Discarding old, useless way of thinking and being is a start. But while the window is open during the magical times ahead, our perceptual abilities soar, so we can dream far towards the mystical horizons that hold keys for a bright future. Let the life enrichment services be part of clearing your path and making dreams blossom. There is no better time than now! All services are offered at ike’s Lake Hills home or online.


Ceremonial Healings –  include:

  • Etheric (Auric) Clearing & Balancing
  • Causal Body De-stagnation & Positioning
  • Vitalization of Generative Consciousness
  • Verbal Summary with Energetic Analysis

Fee for Healing Work: $160

Card Readings – combine a series of Soul Card spreads (similar to Tarot) with channeled guidance, and offer insights regarding one to three life issues of the client’s choice. Strategies are proposed, obstacles clarified and positive circumstances are brought to light and described to:

  • Make sound decisions around present growth opportunities
  • Set forth spiritually-imbued plans for the future
  • Define concrete steps to make along the way

Recording the session is always recommended due to the quantity of information given. Arrangements for recording must be made by client prior to the reading.

Fee for Reading: $160 per 2 hour session

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