Fall – Winter 2014

Ike’s “Dreams DO Come True” Offerings


After spending the last two years or so emptying out old stale emotions, everyone in the human family now has a rare six month opportunity to grow in spiritual abundance—with support from powers all around the astral web or wheel. During this last part of 2014, we are all being encouraged to fill the void created in the extended period of emotional release that just passed. We are to follow our souls, and focus on spiritual growth. And by doing so, our dreams—whatever they might be—are bound to come true!

In the upcoming Fall-Winter 2014 ike is opening her hill country home for small groups of students so we might hold classes with ceremonies.

Please take a few moments looking through the list of enrichment possibilities below. If you decide to participate, let ike know. Additional information and class/event registration available through email


Winter 2015 seminar announced in December 2014


Chronology of Fall-Winter 2014 ike West Offerings


[Details on each class/event follow this initial listing of titles and key words]

Sunday 23 November 2014 – 1-5p                  ike’s Home – Karmic Cleaning           Care of Space

Sunday 14 December 2014 – 1-5p                 ike’s Home – Crystal Healing  Intro                Basics


Online Seminars                    Serving Anyone on the World Wide Web


Winter 2015 Classes Announced in December 2014


Classes @ ike’s Lake Hills Home                                            For Central Texans


v  Sunday 23 November 2014 – 1-5p      Maintain Spiritual Environments

Karmic Cleaning

As extensions of ourselves, our environments fill with thoughts, feelings and spiritual impressions. We may not think about ways to image the light, clear psychic debris and alleviate difficulties in the environment around us. Learn safe, simple and effective strategies to spiritually repair and improve the atmosphere at home, on the job or anywhere. Class includes ceremony; please dress to move/sit/lie comfortably on the floor.  Fee:  $55


v  Sunday 14 December 2014 – 1-5p                                         Crystal Healing Basics

Crystals: Healing with our Ancient Earth Relations

In this class, learn to cleanse, clear and heal with allies from the mineral family. To get the most from crystals, student must know ways to care for, and maintain a viable spiritual partnership with crystals. Ceremony with stones-in-hand promotes healing potential so please bring 1-2 small crystals (wrapped in red natural cloth) to class.  Fee:  $55


University of Texas Informal Classes                                    For Central Texans


Fees, registration and additional information available at the University of Texas Informal Class website


“Join ike” Events                                                          For Central Texans


Winter 2015 seminar announced in December 2014


And  this special time of dreams-come-true is great for

Life Enrichment Services                            Ceremonial Healings/Channeled Readings

In this six months especially, the foundation of tomorrow’s spiritual life is being set in place during this exact time. During this period, we have a special opportunity to appreciate and preserve our spiritual health. Through her services, Ike encourages holistic well-being as the essence of daily functioning. Discarding old, useless way of thinking and being is a start. But while the window is open during the magical times ahead, our perceptual abilities soar, so we can dream far towards the mystical horizons that hold keys for a bright future. Let the life enrichment services be part of clearing your path and making dreams blossom. There is no better time than now! All services are offered at ike’s Lake Hills home or online.


Ceremonial Healings –  include:

  • Etheric (Auric) Clearing & Balancing
  • Causal Body De-stagnation & Positioning
  • Vitalization of Generative Consciousness
  • Verbal Summary with Energetic Analysis

Fee for Healing Work: $160

Channeled Card Readings – combine a series of Soul Card spreads (similar to Tarot) with channeled guidance, and offer insights regarding one to three life issues of the client’s choice. Strategies are proposed, obstacles clarified and positive circumstances are brought to light and described to:

  • Make sound decisions around present growth opportunities
  • Set forth spiritually-imbued plans for the future
  • Define concrete steps to make along the way

Recording the session is always recommended due to the quantity of information given. Arrangements for recording must be made by client prior to the reading.

Fee for Reading: $160 per 2 hour session*.

*Also available at this time, a One Question-One Hour “Quick Read” for half price, or $80. This is an online only offer.

for more information on Healing and Reading Appointments

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