“I attend many of Ike West’s courses and ceremonies….the seminars always exceed my expectations…The presentations are outstanding… the insight, knowledge and expertise gained are well worth the cost of the courses…”
-K. C., Oostduinkerke, Belgium

“For more than eight years, I have attended Ike West classes and ceremonies….I am a spiritually richer person because of her influence in my life. Her wisdom and guidance serves to make me a better psychotherapist…..Attending Ike West’s classes, individual healing and channeling sessions, as well as intensive weekend retreats, challenges old ways of thinking and being in the world…..her touch and words are healing, strengthening and empowering me, not to become dependent on her abilities, but to develop my own and then help others as she assists me….”
-E. S. I., Austin, Texas

“Ike West is one of the most effective, to-the-point and reality-based presenters in the spiritual expansion field.”
-L. M., Athens, Greece

“Ike West is the consummate teacher. Her professional experience coupled with her extensive knowledge makes her an excellent guide for all those who are currently venturing into new spiritual territory.”
– M.G. B., Magliaso, Switzerland

“Anyone who wants to become responsible, competent and successful in expanding spiritual awareness should consider Ike West’s guidance a prerequisite. Her courses are enlightening, entertaining and well worth the time.”
-P. V. E., Amsterdam, NL

“Ike West’s spiritual guidance has been and continues to comfort and reassure me in my professional and personal growth….People are empowered by Ike West’s work. She is a gifted leader in our society and the world at large.”
-B. W., Austin, Texas

“Ike West’s knowledge is so vast, even if you use only one or two of her tips, know it will work to transform your life.”
-M. W., Paris, France

“Ike West’s untiring support for the Dakota Reservations is invaluable for providing basic necessities to the Tribe. Her skills, knowledge and compassion provides much needed services to the poorest of people. West is a positive influence in the lives of all those she touches, sharing skills and proving a good, dependable friend to those who want to grow and help others.”
-P. S., Hunkpati Dakota Nation