Spotlighting Eileen “Ike” West’s Career

Publications and Media Broadcasts

Novels Written by Eileen “Ike” West

  • Away From Hannah’s Castle, 2006 US, 2008 NL
  • Across the Sharos Moon, Unpublished

Articles by Eileen “Ike” West


Netel Blad
1998 Culturele rijkdom en materiële armoede (Cultural Wisdom & Material Realms)
1998 De afzondering van de ceremoniële leider (The Solitary Ceremonial Leader)
1998 Thuisreparatie (Karmic Cleaning)
2000 Sluetels tot een gezond gezinsleven (Breathing New Life Into the Family)

Switzerland (Italian)

Gente Sana
2008 La ricchezza dello spirito (The Wealth of Spirit)

Altri sguardi
2005 An Appeal for Sensitivity of Mind
2006 Manifesting Magic


Tree of Life
2007 An Open Mind


Austin All Natural
2007 The Home Altar-Finding Sanctuary in Today’s World
2008 Astronomy’s Gift to the Heart-Down-size Pluto, Upgrade the Solar System

E-Zines/Internet Publications

Astrological Society of Austin
2006 The Stars: Our Cosmic Connection

hEyOkA mAgAzInE
2007 Down-Sizing Pluto Actually Up-Grades the System
2008 Feminine: What a Different World
2008 The Wealth of Spirit


2010-12 bi-monthly posts

Interviews with Eileen “Ike” West


1998 Sexual Radiance by Susan Taylor, Ph.D
2003 Wise Woman by Susan Smit


New Texas Publication
1994 Women’s Way Journal by Beverly Grossman

Netel Blad
1994 Spiritueel Begeleider…het levenswerk van Eileen West (Spiritual Insights….the life work of Eileen West)
by Marine Van Praet
1998 Indiaanse ceremonies (Tribal Ceremonies) by Steven Straetmans

Gente Sana
2008 Figli della Terra, la saggezza dei native americani (Conscience of Earth, the Wisdom of Native
Americans) by Cindy Fogliani

2007 Heilung Der Erde (Healing the Earth) by Rita Bühlmann

Austin All Natural
2007 Castles in the Sky, Review of Away From Hannah’s Castle by Michael Abedin


Austin American Statesman
1993 The Diaries by Michael Stanush

2008 La guarigione nascoe dalla Terra (The Guardian Consciousness of the Earth) by Rita Bühlmann
2008 Eileen Ike West di nuovo in Ticino (Eileen Ike West Presenting in Ticino)


BBC Radio
2005 Claire Ashford Show: Hannah’s Castle-the Latest in Fantasy Fiction

Radio Svizzera Italiana (Swiss-Italian Radio)
2008 Alessandra Bonzi Show: L’arte Di Sognare (The Art of Dreaming)
2008 Silvia Spiga Show: Sotto Tiro (A Look Inside)

Education & Professional Development

Master of Arts, 1972 Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, 1971
Communications Communications
Central Michigan University University of Minnesota
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Duluth, Minnesota

Courses, Seminars and Lectures

Communications and Writing (United States)

1972-74 Huron University, Huron, South Dakota
1973-74 U.S. Department of Health, Education, & Welfare, Aberdeen, South Dakota
1974-83 Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, Ft. Thompson, South Dakota
1979-80 U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Ft. Thompson & Aberdeen Area Offices, South Dakota
1994-97 Texas Department of Information Resources, Austin Headquarters & Regional Offices
1998-99 Austin Community College, Austin, Texas
1999-2004 Eanes Community Education, Austin, Texas
1991-present University of Texas, Austin
Spirituality and Personal Development (International)


1990-present University of Texas, Austin
1996-present Various Coastal & Lake Retreat Centers, Port Aransas & New Braunfels
1999-present Triapolis Wellness Therapies and Education, Copperas Cove, Texas
1997-2004 J. Perelman Counseling Center, Cleveland, Ohio
1999-2004 Eanes Community Education, Austin, Texas


1994-97 Umberto Retreat Center, Real de Catorce


1992-98 Ignoramus Center, Limburg
1992-98 Various Coastal Centers, North Sea
1992-2002 East-West Centers, Antwerp, Oostende, Brussels & the Ardennes
1999-2007 Souldance Center, Kortrijk
1999-2003 Open House Center, Houthulst
2004-present Butterfly Circles, Brussels & the Ardennes
2006-7 Boekenbeurs Book Fair, Antwerp

The Netherlands

1993-99 OIBIBIO Center, Amsterdam & Nijmegen
1993-2004 Rose Center, Amsterdam
1999-2004 Gallery Wapiti, The Hague
2005-7 Earth Work Center, The Hague


1994-2004 Oikia Center, Island of Aegina
1995-97 Isadora Duncan Dance Center, Athens
1996-2002 E. Karaokeva Center, Island of Rhodes
1996-present Various Movement Arts Studios, Athens
2007-present Margarita’s Wellness Studio, Island of Crete

United Kingdom

1995-2006 Numerous Spiritual Arts Centers & Bookstores, London
2004-8 Various Wellness Centers, Shrewsbury
2006-8 Equinox Center, Wolverhampton
2008 Devon & Cornwall Education Centers, Totnes, Penzance & Glastonbury


2002-present Studio Star Bene, Caslano
2005-present Numerous New Dimensions Sites, Lake Lugano Area
2006-present Eco-Synergie School, Bissone


2004-6 G. Stella Studio, Rome
2006-present Sala Albarin, Luserna San Giovanni, Torino


2009-present Rosa Therapy Center, Vienna