Ike West’s Work

An activist for human consciousness-raising, Eileen “Ike” West is an international teacher, writer and spiritual guide, featured in Susan Smit’s Wise Woman, (NL 2003) with such notables as Queen Noor, Isabel Allende, Jane Goodall, Xaviera Hollander, and Isabella Rossellini.

Teacher & Visionary
On the cusp of the Aquarian Age, the entire fabric of humanity’s spiritual efforts must take on a future-oriented perspective that bears little resemblance to religious doctrine of the past, whether stemming from occidental or oriental cultures. Over decades, ike West has crafted a seminar package that delivers participants to the very edge of the Aquarian Frontier.

Earth-Based Ceremonial Leader
Ike West is considered an eco-feminist, spotlighting the most vital woman in our midst—the Earth. Over the years, West has learned people are best motivated to preserve earth’s gifts when fully acquainted with her core essence, or planetary soul. Through her work, Ike West encourages an innovative trend toward ‘holistic ecology,’ where modern westerners strengthen their deepest connection to the planet, and acknowledge humanity’s spiritual roots lie in the Earth, not the heavens alone.

Writer & Lecturer
Ike West, MA, is the author of Away From Hannah’s Castle, a novel published in 2006 in both the USA and NL. (See the publications/book section of this website for details.) West also writes magazine articles distributed both in the USA and Europe. [See the publications/magazine article section for samples.] She is an inspirational speaker who offers far-reaching insights into the most up-to-date dimensions of spirituality.