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With fifty years experience, West offers adult education programs at major universities and institutions worldwide. Many of ike’s seminars are open to the public. In addition, she speaks at conferences and events in Europe, North America, and online everywhere. 


Under her formal name, Eileen “ike” West authored two full length novels. Her latest, Another Giant World (UK 2018) and her first, Away From Hannah’s Castle (USA and NL 2006) place spiritual adventures in the reader’s hands.


Around the world, ike West articles have been published in English, and translated into many languages. The enclosed list of articles and the magazine, journal, and newspaper in which they were published, provides an overview of ike’s writing through the years.


Today, the way to capture the speed at which the world revolves is to note what can be locked into poetic form. That’s exactly what ike has done. A whole book of poems with the working title Akin to Anemic Cows is now under consideration by US publishers. 


While living on remote ranch land in West Texas, ike West penned rudimentary cartoons to share with friends and family in the form of a calendar, showing a cartoon theme each month. Today, the cartoons serve as an endearing reminder of ike’s 1980’s worldview.


ike West has a number of works in progress: volume two of her poetry collection; a non-fiction book outlined and ready to flush out; as well as various projects with her granddaughter, Sophie, Eagle who created the current website.


ike West supports Native American families and organizations, serving the Dakota and others. Other volunteer endeavors include developing innovative service programs to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of women in North America and around the globe. 

About ike West

As a child in the 1960’s, ike played teacher and writer, her first opinion page published

in a Girl Scout magazine at the ripe old age of twelve. At sixteen years, her first writing

contest submittal won her top prize of $50. Only, years later, while in graduate school,

did ike begin teaching full-time. Her writing never stopped; magazine and journal

articles appearing both in North America and Europe. These days, semi-retired, ike

continues work in both professions, teaching when possible and writing a lot.

News and Views

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2 May 2021


Sunday, June 13, 2021


More than ever, maintaining balance un the aura and chakratic system must stand at the forefront of consciousness, which is easier said than done.

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24 January 2021

Happy Lunar New Year!


Our Western calendar indicates the Lunar year begins in another nineteen days. However, according to Lunar Astrologers from many cultures, the spirit of the year arrived in mid December.

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20 December 2020

Sophie Eagle’s Dedication


Thanks to ike’s oldest granddaughter’s perseverance over several months, the website has a new face—and on some pages, new information.

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2 May 2021

Wisdom Keepers Speak Out

In times of confusion, we turn to those with worldly experiences for clarity, spotlighting a patchwork of valued commentary that pays homage to the best thinking of our times. 

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29 December 2020

Astro-Weather Report 2021:

Lunar Forecasts – Online Seminar

Sunday, February 7, 2021


This lecture weaves together lunar predictions for the 2021 New Year, starting February 12th with the dark moon.


2 May 2021


Sunday, July 11, 2021


The essence of spiritual growth is a deep sense of connection with the beauty, love and creative power of the Earth.

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24 January 2021

Every Thought’s a Prayer


Recently, one of my friends and a member of the Texas Circle, made a comment about navigating the divisiveness between segments of the America Public. “We’ve gotta watch everything we say.” 

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20 December 2020

Puffins at the Start

I grew up telling my parents about memories I had as a baby. They were astounded by what I shared.

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