The Give Away

In tribal traditions, it is important that when blessed, a person first passes a portion of those blessings onto others. It’s how balance is kept as spirit moves around the invisible web of life. Translated into English, this is called “the giveaway”. As much as possible, ike tries to remember and respect the practice. Below is a brief list of the people and organizations she has favored over time.


Giveaway #1

Since 1990, ike and students in the US and Europe have raised funds to help build existing programs and those being developed in order to improve the lives of tribal children and their families. Working through a network of Grandmothers and school administrators on US Indian reservations, assistance includes:

  • Utility costs for propane and electricity
  • Warm clothing during harsh winters
  • Books for reservation school classrooms; beadwork and other recreational costs for dormitory students
  • Crisis intervention services during such emergencies as home fires, and transportation to off-reservation medical facilities
  • Ceremonial support to uphold tribal traditions

The generosity of all who have shared resources over the years is greatly appreciated.

For more information and to offer a contribution, contact ike[at]


Giveaway #2

Since 2013, ike has provided grant writing and program development consultations with inter-tribal members serving Chinati Ixtlan Village, a nonprofit cultural and land conservancy organization located near the remote West Texas village of Ruidosa, on the border with Mexico. The organization’s mission is to preserve and restore Native sacred lands while providing educational forums on sustainable living practices.

More information about the Chinati Ixtlan Cultural and Land Conservancy is available at