Whistler of Petty Crimes

Poetic Memoirs by Eileen "ike" West

In a dash to keep up and reflect the hectic pace of today’s events unfolding, many writers turn their pens to swift forms, ie poetry, cartoons and other graphic arts. In 2020, while initially planning to re-write a novel taken from mothballs, instead ike get’s run over by muses rushing in from elsewhere and elsetime. What flows is page after page of narrative poetry, pegged down into small volumes, capturing the youthful underpinnings of a traditional retrospective, and topped off with the playfulness of a mischievous grandmother. The first volume, Whistler of Petty Crimes, is due out in print and e-book forms in early 2023, and as an audio-book a few months later. Below is a nutrient-rich, calorie-free poetic bite to wet readers’ appetites. 

The Bucks’ Naked Truth


Imagine a world

Where men lose it all,

Become buck naked,

Not physically nude,

Although that’d surely be

A comeuppance.


For men to feel

Organically—to the depths—UNentitled.

I speak of males naked in the light, or ‘aura’,

Where deception—in thoughts or deeds—

Shows up as dark blobs.

Thus, men march forth, exposed.


Imagine storm clouds brew around midriffs of

Such men, naked in the light,

Bullies showing themselves in advance of words,

Spewing out barbs, small hooks,

Snaring anyone they can on the receiving end

Of their bullish attacks.


Envision such a revamped world.

It’s the one on tap,

Warming up in the bullpen.

Soon to blossom, the light body of men

Seen first by women,

Developing new power in the collective.