ike has three kettles of fun stuff simmering on the back burner of her mind most of the time. Daily, she pulls one forward to taste and smell what’s brewing. Here’s the short list of her favorites:

Poetry Book Volume II – highlighting ike’s early and mid-adulthood capers with students, travel and scads of fascinating experiences with people both local and abroad; the book follows chronologically from the poems of childhood recollected in Whistler of Petty Crimes.

Re-writing a novel written and submitted to agents and publishers years back; it’s a goddess book set on the ancient matriarchal island of Sharos, in what’s grown over the years to become modern-day Greece.

Oh, oh, so many other writing projects…13 more to be exact. How lucky is that! As the old adage goes: There’s no rest for the WICKED-ly creative!