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An Author of Substance

How naïve of me to think that people, throughout the English-speaking world, who know nothing about me, would want to read a book of mine. Yet that world is exactly where Whistler of Petty Crimes is now for sale. So, for those of you who face the decision to purchase or forsake the book, I offer the following.

First, let me encourage you to “GO FOR IT!” at whatever online amazon branch serves your world. And now, let me give you a great big, “THANKS!”

Next, I share TWO introductions of who I am. One, is a polished, professionally-written rendition. The other, I wrote. It’s a slapped together, home-made job, which oddly made it into the back pages of the book. (That’s very trusting.) At any rate, if you don’t know much, and want to know more about this author, please read on. If you are one of the few English-speakers in the world who DO know me, go ahead and read these intro’s anyway. Then, you are welcome to report all inaccuracies to oops![at] really.

Go ahead everyone, and good luck distinguishing the ‘pro’ description from my own.

Introducing Eileen Ike West, Author

Eileen “Ike” West is an accomplished writer and educator with an M.A. in Communications from Michigan and a B.A. in Speech and Psychology from Minnesota. Ike’s writing career started when she published her first opinion page in a national girl’s magazine at age twelve. She continued writing throughout her life, with magazine and journal articles, and two novels, appearing across North America and Europe. Her writing is often inspired by special and political causes like holistic health, women’s justice, and other issues related to equality, healthcare, religious freedom, and sustainability. When she’s not writing, Ike reads, lectures, and enjoys the out-of-doors and time spent with her family.

In her stunning collection of poetry, West skillfully balances profound reflections on serious topics with a gentle infusion of hope, comfort, and joy. Her unwavering commitment to personal liberty and desire for freedom shine through as prominent themes that leave a lasting impression on readers. Through her lyrical self-exploration, West’s poetry elevates consciousness and expands perspectives. Ike hopes her writing exposes a truth, voice, and imagination that help readers feel seen and understood.

Whew! Okay, that’s one down. But hold onto your thinkin’ caps, here’s another.


Introducing the Author of the new Whistler of Petty Crimes


An advocate for environmentally-safe prose of all shapes and sizes, Eileen ‘ike’ West, MA, is an international teacher and free-range writer featured in Susan Smit’s Wise Women (NL 2003) and Dr. Susan Taylor’s Sexual Radiance (US 1998). Across decades, West’s essays liberally sprinkle magazines and other publications in the US, UK, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Greece, and the Netherlands. A list of articles is available at West’s first poetry collection, Whistler of Petty Crimes, and earlier novels, Away from Hannah’s Castle (US/NL 2006) and Another Giant World (UK 2018) are available through Amazon. Currently she keeps busy harvesting more oh-so poetic stories, and cobbling together her next volume, mostly about midlife misdemeanors.

For now, West’s favorite petty crime: whistling out of tune.


Let me add one more favorite petty crime—selfishly hoping you’ll check out my newest poetry collection, Whistler of Petty Crimes. Did I say it’s on sale now? Well, it is! At amazon, which these days seems to be everywhere English-speakers congregate.