NOTE: The following six song titles make for easily banked together quasi-Haiku. Please, lyrical reader, merely look down the list of titles, and you’ll see it is so. (Ah, poetry. It shows up everywhere.) You’re welcome to ignore the second column with the artists’ names. Just start on the left-hand side of the page, and make a beeline straight down, don’t pass GO or collect $200 dollars. It’s not Monopoly. You are encouraged to pause between the groups of three titles, for total semblant-Haiku immersion; but that’s entirely up to you. (Authorland is a freewill zone.)

NOTE #2: Today’s inflation rate accounts for the Top 10 + 2 tune increase. We see only half of the twelve here, because in the case of an inexperienced haiku-writing author, such as myself, two sorta-kinda haiku are better that four. In other words, we get half the number of tunes, not the full dozen, due to the deflated value of this author’s refrains. If that makes any sense. If not, please email: nosenseatall@ikewest.com. (Just joshin’.)

(Ta-da! Here we go! If you know the tune, please feel free to whistle along.)

Miniature Disasters                                        KT Tunstall

I am a Rock                                                      Simon & Garfunkel

Carry On                                                           Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Just Like a Woman                                         Bob Dylan

Ashes on Your Eyes                                        Deb Talan

Let It Be                                                           The Beatles


(Ah, poetry. It shows up everywhere.)