Whistler Gets Another Two Thumbs Up

Here’s yet ANOTHER PROFESSIONAL REVIEW for Whistler of Petty Crimes

This one by Rae Longest – Originally posted on the website blog page of LITERACY & ME, June11, 2023.

She says:

Up front, Ms. West provided a copy of the collection, but the thoughts and opinions about the book are my own.

I thoroughly enjoyed this little volume, and indeed, it gave me a lot to think about and meditate upon. Evidently, un-superstitious, West has included thirteen poems, if one does not count “In Memoriam,” it’s dedication. The themes of the poems are widely varied, the poet’s thoughts on everything from softball to telling/contemplating the future.

My favorite poem was “2020: A Year Out of Hand.” Dealing with the pandemic year, a year I had two weeks in which to learn to teach on line thanks to our university being closed down–a baptism by fire–the poem conveys the closing-down of everything:

…Despite best intentions

Nothing moves

Roads blocked

Borders blocked

Minds blocked

Tickets issued, refunded, issued again.

Planes abandoned; airports deserted.

This rather lengthy poem captures the changes, boredom, and fear of the unknown fostered by COVID, which enshrouded us all as we tried to go about our lives as “normally” as possible, finally accepting a new normal. It sums up the pandemic years in a single poem.

West has a fine collection of poems which make the reader think, feel, and be caught up by her words. I highly recommend it.”


THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, RAE! I am so glad you enjoyed Whistler of Petty Crimes, available now on amazon worldwide.