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With fifty years experience, West offers online education programs to audiences worldwide. Most of ike’s seminars are open to the public. In addition, she speaks at conferences and events in Europe, North America, and online everywhere. 


Under her formal name, Eileen “ike” West authored two full length novels. Her latest, Another Giant World (UK 2018) and her first, Away From Hannah’s Castle (USA and NL 2006) place spiritual adventure in the reader’s hands. In August 2023, a film script adaptation of Away From Hannah’s Castle is underway. In September 2023, Motion Flick Studios presents the script to investors for potential filming in 2024.


In America and Europe, ike West articles have been published in English, and translated into many languages. The enclosed list of articles and the magazine, journal, and newspaper in which they were published, provides an overview of ike’s writing through the years.


Today, the way to capture the speed at which the world revolves is to note what can be locked into poetic form. That’s exactly what ike has done in  her latest book,

Whistler of Petty Crimes


Please buy a copy and follow the ‘Read More’ link below to find a sample of West’s poetic musings, and comments on the joyously thought-provoking, Whistler of Petty Crimes

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While living on remote ranch land in West Texas, ike West penned rudimentary cartoons to share with friends and family in the form of a calendar, showing a cartoon theme each month. Now, years later, the cartoons serve as an endearing reminder of ike’s 1980’s worldview.


ike West has a number of works in progress: first, birthing volume one of her poetry, Whistler of Petty Crimes. At the same time she’s drafting the second volume of her poetry collection; then there’s a non-fiction book outlined and ready to flush out. Busy, busy.

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ike West supports Native American families and organizations, serving the Dakota and others. Other volunteer endeavors include assisting in the development of innovative service programs to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of women. 

About ike West

As a child in the 1960’s, ike played teacher and writer, her first opinion page published

in a Girl Scout magazine at the ripe old age of twelve. At sixteen years, her first writing

contest submittal won her top prize of $50. Only, years later, while in graduate school,

did ike begin teaching full-time. Her writing never stopped; magazine and journal

articles appearing both in North America and Europe. These days, semi-retired, ike

continues work in both professions, teaching when possible and writing a lot.

News and Views


Years ago, I learn from my web designer son, an important marketing strategy regarding book titles and product names. It’s this: make certain the first word of any title/name begins with the letter ‘A’. This puts the titled book/named item on the first page of any alphabetized list compiled by commercial outlets and/or public service…...

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Whistler Gets Another Two Thumbs Up

Here's yet ANOTHER PROFESSIONAL REVIEW for Whistler of Petty Crimes This one by Rae Longest - Originally posted on the website blog page of LITERACY & ME, June11, 2023...I thoroughly enjoyed this little volume, and indeed, it gave me a lot to think about and meditate upon...

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Two Thumbs Up For Whistler, AGAIN!

Book Reviewer Angel says: “Whistler of Petty Crimes is more than's a reflective journey that is easy to follow and love. I really enjoy when a poetry collection intertwines the way this one, Whistler of Petty Crimes, does and gives a full picture. I especially love the format of having a series of poems, within the collection, each with its own special insight...

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Wisdom Keepers Speak

Let us live for the beauty of our own reality.                                      ― Tom Robbins Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.                                        – Coco Chanel Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their…...

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An Author of Substance

How naïve of me to think that people, throughout the English-speaking world, who know nothing about me, would want to read a book of mine. Yet that world is exactly where Whistler of Petty Crimes is now for sale. So, for those of you who face the decision to purchase or forsake the book, I…...

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More Than Pretty Words

I’m sitting on pins and needles, waiting to hear what people have to say about my first poetry collection Whistler of Petty Crimes. I fret a little, worried readers will find it too much about my personal life. Another concern: people who know my work, won’t read Whistler because it is poetry. And to that,…...

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I Look Forward to…Writing

This past summer, in Taos, New Mexico, I spent six weeks nestled inside adobe walls. The walls of the home were thick red mud, caked by man and baked by sun. The garden and patio also wore a tall, plush robe of the same red clay...

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I Look Forward to…Reading

Recently, my granddaughter Sophie Eagle and I visited Minneapolis expressly to explore, not the giant Mall of the Americas, but rather a small independent bookshop owned by the Ojibway author, Louise Erdrich. In keeping with her tribal roots, Erdrich named her tiny shop Birchbark Books. It’s tucked into a residential area with strip parks (no…...

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I Look Forward to…Teaching

A post-covid phenomenon that seems to linger is that our events-horizons have shortened. That’s just a fancy way of saying most of us are not planning far in advance, at least not in the way we might have done five or ten years ago. It’s like there’s a dense fog between us and what we…...

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